The Team

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Our strength is our people. Every member of the Bayliss team is committed to our mission of pushing beyond industry standards to achieve something new. It’s that infectious spirit that flows from the top down and permeates from the bottom up. Amongst our staff of more than 80┬ápeople, you’ll find diverse and dynamic backgrounds, from lifetime skilled woodworkers and glassing experts to cabinetmakers and mechanical technicians.

Bayliss Teams

Hull Carpentry Crew
This group constructs the hulls, cabins and bridges, assembles the jigs, and installs bulkheads, fuel and water tanks.

Exterior Cabinetry
The exterior cabinetry crew is responsible for teak transoms, bulkheads, the cockpit mezzanine and flybridge consoles.

Painting and Fairing
This team gives every exterior surface ten stages of fairing and primer before top-coating, and gives the same treatment to interior mechanical spaces engine room, lazarette and machine tunnel.

Interior Cabinetry
Our cabinetry crew crafts and installs all interior joinery work, custom made for each boat.

Mechanical and Electrical
These technicians are responsible for electrical systems, refrigeration, air conditioning, engine hookup shaft alignment and testing.

Boatyard Crew
The crew in the yard consists of a group of individuals who possess a broad range of skills. Aside from hauling and storing boats of all sizes, they also specialize in troubleshooting and diagnosing mechanical and electrical problems, handling all carpentry, paint and re-power projects and all running gear issues.