Hurricane Assistance

Bayliss Boatyard Assistance During Hurricane Irene


Bayliss Boatworks accepts reservations for priority haul out in the event of hurricane landfall on the Outer Banks. Reservations require a $350 non-refundable annual fee, which will be applied to the vessels first hurricane haul out, and only the first 50 reservations are assured. All boats brought to Bayliss Boatworks must provide an active liability insurance certificate valid throughout their stay. Customers should carry no less than $1,000,000 in Protection & Indemnity (Watercraft Liability) coverage, which includes pollution liability, and names Bayliss Boatworks as an Additional Insured, where possible. Once the first 50 boat reservation threshold has been met, we will assess availability on a case by case basis. These haul rates apply to the 2017 Hurricane Season:

$18.00 per foot to haul/block/launch boats under 65′
$21.00 per foot to haul/block/launch boats 65′ and
$2.00 per foot per day yard storage fee plus utility fees at current utility rates

PLEASE PREPARE YOUR VESSEL BEFORE ARRIVING. The following tasks are mandatory before a boat will be hauled.

  • Provide copy of active liability insurance certificate (prior to haul out)
  • Remove ALL perishables (expect to be without power)
  • Remove curtains
  • Remove outriggers
  • Lower antennas
  • Tape all doors and hatches shut

Bayliss Boatworks uses both a 100-ton Travelift and a 100-ton hydraulic trailer to place boats tightly together in the yard, so that we may accommodate as many customers as possible. The responsibility of Bayliss Boatworks is to haul, block and chain stands. We are only able to assist with the preparation of your vessel if time and weather conditions allow. The owner/captain of the vessel is responsible for contacting Bayliss Boatworks to schedule a haul out time within 5 days of when hurricane force winds are projected to make landfall. (Bayliss Boatworks uses NOAA projections to commence scheduling of hurricane haul outs.) Vessels that do not schedule a haul out within the prescribed time frame forfeit their reservation and will be scheduled only on a case-by-case basis if time allows. Complying with this scheduling policy ensures the safety and efficiency of all parties involved and that all customers are treated fairly and equally. After a storm, Bayliss Boatworks will attempt to get everyone back in the water in a timely manner so that we can get back to our normal active lives. Please contact us as soon as possible to make your reservation. For additional information, please call (252) 473-9797 or email us at [email protected]. We look forward to protecting your investment!