Running 2 BBW Hull 18
Orion with Rainbow

A well-built custom boat is widely recognized as the most efficient and best riding hull afloat. A Bayliss Boat is in a class to herself when it comes to ride and performance. But please don’t take our word for it, ask the owners and captains that are running our boats:

“We had very specific desires when we approached John Bayliss about building our dream boat. The guidelines we gave John had one consistent objective . . . she had to be prettier than the Bayliss boat we already owned. Not an easy task but one worth working toward. The crew at Bayliss went beyond the call of duty. We are totally impressed with their professionalism and eye for detail. In addition to the requested features, we collaboratively came up with new innovations. We call her a drop dead gorgeous fishing machine.”

Owner, Clean Sweep

“From the beginning of our relationship with Bayliss Boatworks, the word “custom” was used everyday. It’s an incredible achievement to bring 58 people together and accomplish exactly what the customer has asked for. The people at Bayliss have three things. Discipline — to never take their eye off the priority of the task. Integrity — to make sure they are creating something that is fine and done well. Loyalty — to their company and to the project. These qualities were demonstrated more clearly than in any other operation I have ever seen. I believe we have the most beautiful sport-fishing yacht ever built — it’s perfect for us because we got exactly what we wanted.”

Donald Adam, Owner, Dream Time

“The people at Bayliss are truly amazing and were able to implement all of the features we desired. John has surrounded himself an extremely talented team who are also wonderful to work with. I’ve owned eight off-shore boats, and I’ve never had a better or more enjoyable experience building a boat.”

Pete Cherasia, Owner, Shark Byte

“Unless you walk on board, it’s hard to explain to someone just how many intricate details went in to designing and building this boat. The use of space is ingenious. But from my viewpoint, the most important thing is the ride. Lights Out offers an extremely smooth ride.”

Chester Sims, Captain, Lights Out

If you like the look and quality of our boats, the good news is that her beauty is not just skin deep. The better half of beauty is performance!

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