The Process

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You have a passion for blue water sport-fishing and faraway destinations. Everything in your life has been devoted to the pursuit of perfection. Your current boat isn’t purpose-built for your needs, and you find yourself compromising on something that is extremely important to you: your boat!

THE PROCESS at Bayliss Boatworks starts here… We begin with a fact-finding mission to determine what is important to you in a custom sport-fishing yacht:

  • “Where do you expect to travel?”
  • “How do you plan to use your boat?”
  • “What features are most important to you?”

These are just a few of the dozens of questions we will ask. Your answers will be the blueprints for laying the keel for your custom Bayliss yacht. Custom Built for YOU.

Your build experience is as important to us as the finished boat. Weekly planning sessions, photo updates, creative ideas: they’re all part of the process. Our owners are part of every project, and part of our unique culture that defines Bayliss Boatworks’ drive to build the best.

There are many exciting phases in the experience as we create the project that defines your pursuit of perfection. And Ours.

Whether we have made your “short list” of builders, or you have already decided that a Bayliss Boat is in your future, the next step is to schedule a meeting either in person or by phone. We will discuss your individual requirements and offer input based on our experiences to help determine the size and shape of your project. Because we limit the quantity of builds we take on at any given time for quality control, we will have some lead time before we can actually start building your yacht. This is the time we use to plan your entire project, so when we start your boat, our work is well planned and efficiently executed.

You’ll find that we’re worth the wait.

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