• Our Strength is our people.

    Every member of the Bayliss Boatworks team is committed to our mission of pushing beyond industry standards to achieve something new. Amongst our staff of more than 90 people, you’ll find diverse and dynamic backgrounds, from lifetime skilled woodworkers and glassing experts to cabinetmakers and mechanical technicians.

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  • Owner

    John Bayliss

    John Bayliss began his career in 1975 as a mate in Hatteras Village, North Carolina, and within five years became a captain running charter trips on his own boat out of Oregon Inlet. He continued his extensive fishing career in both the commercial and charter industries until 1997, when he accepted a job with Hatteras Yachts as a demo boat captain and eventual broker. Bayliss Boatworks was opened in April of 2002, and continues to employ approximately 100 local craftsmen and women.

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  • New Construction Supervisor

    John R. Bayliss

    John Robert Bayliss appropriately runs this division - an experienced and avid fisherman himself.

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  • New Construction Supervisor

    Bill Kebschull

    Little gets past Bill Kebschull, who supervises all new construction operations, from large-scale logistics to tiny details.

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  • Hull Construction Supervisor

    Wayne Deaver

    The first lines laid are the most crucial. As our hull construction supervisor, Wayne Deaver makes sure every one of our boats begins with the right lines. It doesn’t hurt that Wayne has been building boats for over 25 years.

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  • Cabinetry Supervisor

    Bill Crum

    We make our boat cabinetry in-house, and Bill Crum keeps those details in check. Over ten employees are tasked with construction, fit and finish for all of our new build’s custom cabinets.

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  • Electrical Supervisor

    Anthony Falciano

    There are a lot of wires on our boats, and Anthony keeps them straight - an orderly process is the name of the game. Anthony’s crew is nimble, competent, and able to fit in incredibly small places.

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  • Exterior Carpentry Supervisor

    David Whitfield

    Exterior carpentry includes everything from cockpit construction to teak toerails. An experienced craftsman, David brings his enthusiasm to every boat.

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  • Digital Fabrication & Design Supervisor

    Pete Buescher

    We do our design work predominantly in-house. Our construction supervisors have close connections with Pete, as well as the rest of our design/fabrication team. Pete keeps communication clear, and ensures that what's on paper ends up on our boats.

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  • Boatyard Manager

    Judd Beatty

    We take pride in our boatyard service and expertise. Judd Beatty is in charge of all yard operations, and he makes sure everything runs smoothly. Rain or shine, Judd and his crew are working long hours to take care of the tough cases, heavy lifting, and special requests. Quality is Judd's bottom line.

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  • Mechanical Supervisor

    Colin Noone

    Our mechanical department is in charge of the heavy lifting and ensuring all systems are healthy on our new builds. Whether Colin’s crew is moving boats, preparing for sea-trials, or dropping fuel tanks, engines, and gyros into open hulls – the process is on lockdown with swift movers.

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  • Metal Supervisor

    Russ Hewlett

    Most of the metalwork that is installed on our boats is made in-house. Russ's small crew is kept busy, constructing and polishing everything from hawse pipes to custom vents.

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  • Paint Supervisor

    Chris Cavanaugh

    We don’t cut corners on paint – it’s flawless or it’s redone. Backed by years of experience, Chris's natural knack for leadership keeps his team motivated and on top of their game.

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  • Ship's Store Supervisor

    Christen Sarlo

    As the lead for all product ordering, as well as our shop, boatyard and ship’s store inventory, Christen keeps the wheels moving on a machine that has many special requests. Christen and her crew keep the shelves stocked, the packages unloaded, the operations smooth, and the entire shop laughing.

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