Welcome to the Bayliss Boatworks video gallery. Whether it’s seeing our 62-foot Bayliss demo boat, Tarheel, or visiting our state-of-the-art facility, there’s truly only one way to experience what makes a Bayliss so unique. Feeling the quality, experiencing the speed, and getting a close look at the detail. 

However, we wanted a way for you to experience our process and craftsmanship from the comfort of your home. Browse our Bayliss Boatworks video gallery.

These videos range from documenting fishing trips to virtual tours of our boats and our facility. Our goal is to illuminate our process, team, facility, boatyard, and completed custom yachts. See what makes each custom sportfishing yacht we’ve built so special.

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Waves of Opportunity: Bayliss Boatworks

Waves of Opportunity, NC stopped by Bayliss Boatworks to highlight career opportunities in the maritime industry. For more information about beginning your career at Bayliss Boatworks visit:

Video created by Eye Candy Digital Video

A Day on Blue View (Bayliss 78′)

Delivered in May of 2020, Blue View (Bayliss 78′) has spent most of her time fishing the waters around Florida, but this past winter she made her way to Costa Rica to break into the tournament scene. The Blue View sportfishing team participated in the 2023 Los Sueños Triple Crown and made the most of each day fishing in the Pacific. Check out this video for a glimpse into ‘A Day on Blue View’.

Video created by Livit Films.

Bayliss Boatworks: Celebrating 21 Years

All of us at Bayliss Boatworks are grateful to do what we do, and we are lucky to be surrounded by a group and culture that is second to none. As our company presses on, we aim to continue in the efforts of our mission: to build the most effective and efficient sportfishing yachts in existence.

Video created by Livit Films.

Built on Purpose

From the beginning, fishing has been the driving design element in every Bayliss boat
Our purpose has been to build the most efficient and effective weapon possible for what we love.

Video created by Livit Films.

Join the Bayliss Boatworks Team

It is our goal to build the best boats, with the best people, in the best environment. Our strength is our people- the integrity, creativity, and attention to detail that each team member brings to each project. We are searching for qualified candidates in order to expand our team.

If this sounds like something you would like to be a part of, visit our Careers page to apply today.

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Bayliss Boatworks Facility Tour

Curious about what a day working at Bayliss Boatworks looks like? Check out this video to learn more about Bayliss Boatworks. Our goal is to illuminate our process, team, facility, boatyard, and what makes each custom yacht so special.

A Day on Blank Check – Bayliss 75′

In May 2019, shortly after she was christened, we were lucky enough to tag along with the crew of Blank Check (Bayliss 75’) for a day of fishing in the Bahamas. Watch this video, created by Livit Films to see what makes her so special.

A Day on Tarheel – Bayliss 62′

In Tarheel, we’ve taken what we’ve learned over 24 builds and distilled it into a boat that we feel embodies our mission. The 62′ Tarheel is an open invitation for you. It’s only ours for a short time, but our modus operandi is to have you be an actual part of understanding one of our builds, fresh out of the barn. It’s a case of clarity: a way to open up and invite our existing extended family of friends and customers, as well as new ones, to see for themselves.

Video created by Livit Films.

A Day on GameChanger – Bayliss 62′

After her December 2018 christening, GameChanger wasted no time getting down to Costa Rica to fish. We tagged along with the owner and crew for a day of fishing in Los Sueños, Costa Rica just before the final leg of the Los Sueños Triple Crown in March 2019 (in which GameChanger placed 8th).

Video created by Livit Films.

We Are Bayliss

Some people say we do things the hard way, but we don’t see it like that; we see it as doing things the right way.

We believe in honoring our customers and giving them a boat they’ll stand behind just as much as we do; we are here to build the most effective, efficient, and well-built sportfishing boat in existence.

Video created by Livit Films.

A Day on Mama C – Bayliss 60′

We flew to Costa Rica and made this video to show Mama C in action.

Click right to view our video depicting a full day fishing on the 60′ Mama C.

Video created by Livit Films.

77′ Wave Paver Virtual Tour Video

Bayliss Boatworks delivered Wave Paver, a 77′ custom sportifshing yacht, to its owners in August of 2017. A product of over 71,000 man hours and nearly 30 months of labor, Wave Paver holds a distinct combination of unique interior details, sleek exterior lines, and an assured purpose to travel the world and catch fish. Visit for Wave Paver’s full specifications and details.

Video by Swell Productions.

Bayliss Hull 20 64′ Parranda Virtual Tour Video!

As with all Bayliss boats, Parranda was built to her owners specifications and desires: to travel the world and raise fish!

Bayliss Hull 19 90′ Singularis Virtual Tour Video

We are excited to release the virtual tour video of Hull 19 90’ Singularis. She is our largest boat to date, and with that, the most intricate. We are excited to share her with you, she is an example of what can be accomplished with vision, teamwork, dedication, and pride in what you do.

Thanks to Harry Hindmarsh of Cabin Fever Communications for creating this video.

Outer Banks Daydream: Bayliss Boatworks

Thank you to the Outer Banks Visitors Bureau for producing this video as part of their “Outer Banks Daydream” series. We were honored to be included! They wrote:

“Bayliss Boatworks is one of the many boat crews rooted in the Outer Banks who builds world-class, custom Carolina boats. Fueled by passion and commitment, their team takes prides in their quality product and drive to be the best. There is no feeling more rewarding than Christening a boat at their home dock after months of blood, sweat and tears. These sport fishing yachts are not only functional but lasting pieces of art that started from nothing.”

Well put, and thank you again!

Bayliss Boatyard Fall 2016

It’s been a busy fall in yard! Come see us.
Thanks to Right Coast Productions for creating this video.

Bayliss Hull 18 77′ Clean Sweep Virtual Tour Video

We are pleased to announce delivery of Bayliss Hull 18 77′ Clean Sweep! From the vision, to the planning, to the 68,145 man-hours that went in to crafting this vessel, she represents what can be accomplished with hard work, determination, perseverance, and teamwork. Her owners built her for extensive travel and fishing, and we are excited about her being ready to roll.

Thanks to Harry Hindmarsh of Cabin Fever Communications for creating this video.

Bayliss Hull 16 84′ Orion Virtual Tour Video

We are pleased to release the much-anticipated virtual tour video for Bayliss Boatworks Hull 16, Orion. At 84’ she is the largest boat we have delivered to date, and she is a culmination her owners’ ideas, along with over 70,000 man hours that made the vision a reality. As you will see in this video, Orion has many innovative features incorporated into her 5 stateroom / 6 head layout. She is built to travel and fish anywhere in the world, and be comfortable doing so. This video speaks volumes about Orion. Thanks to Harry Hindmarsh of Cabin Fever Communications for creating this video. Music: Melee by Russian Circles, taken from the album Geneva, released by Suicide Squeeze, 2009.

Hull 15 80′ Dream Time Virtual Tour

Virtual Tour of Bayliss Hull 15, 80′ Dream Time. Video Production: Harry Hindmarsh, Song: Hello Scotland. Artist: EF. Taken from album “Give me beauty… Or give me death!”. And the Sound Records 2006.

Hull 14 73′ Shark Byte Virtual Tour

Virtual Tour of Bayliss Hull 14, 73′ Shark Byte Video Production: Harry Hindmarsh,

Bayliss Boatworks – Flipping Hull 21 77′ Wave Paver

It’s always exciting to flip a hull – and flipping the 77′ Wave Paver was no exception! Thanks to Harry Hindmarsh of Cabin Fever Communications for producing this fun video of her flip. July 2015.

Hull 20 64′ Parranda Flip Video

Check out this short but entertaining video of Parranda’s flip. Thank you to Harry Hindmarsh and Cabin Fever Communications for producing this video!

Timelapse Video of Bayliss Hull 19 90′ Singularis Roll Over August 2013

Timelapse Video of Bayliss Hull 18 77′ Clean Sweep Roll Over August 2012


We have been really excited about Orion’s delivery later this month, and have certainly appreciated all of you who have tracked her progress through this build. We were offshore of Oregon Inlet for a photo shoot with photographer Ray Matthews and videographer Chris Hannant getting some running footage, and we wanted to share a preview of what’s to come! Cabin Fever Communications will release her official virtual tour video this winter. Hope that you enjoy it!

Who We Are

We are a group of carefully assembled craftsmen and specialists working together for a common goal — to build the best custom sportfishing yacht that can be built. It takes vision, hard work, dedication and trust — but the final results are truly worth the effort. Video Production: Chris Hannant,

What We Do

We are proud to build custom sportfishing yachts that are as close to perfect as they can be. It’s what we do. Video Production: Chris Hannant,

Bayliss Boatyard During Hurricane Irene

During Hurricane Irene, we hauled and blocked 52 boats in two days. We then checked on them every three hours during the storm. Every boat was safe and sound. When your boat is in our Hurricane Assistance Program, you are guaranteed haul out in the event of a major hurricane or storm.

Bayliss Boatyard – We Can Fix It

We are a full service boatyard that believes in doing things right. We specialize in everything from full paint, to engine re-powers and Seakeeper installs.

Video by Swell Films.