Bayliss Equipment

Here at Bayliss, we’re in a constant state of evolution. We concentrate on refining previous tried and true techniques, making them better. One way we have been able to do this is by embracing innovative boat building equipment. These are a few of the pieces of equipment we have added to our belt over the last several years and how we use them on a daily basis.

CNC (Computer Numerical Control) Machine – Used by our Design & Digital Fabrication Department to cut doors, frames, small parts, and nesting items.
Crane – Used for tower, engine, gyro, generator, and fuel tank installations.
Farro Blasting System – Used to remove bottom paint on boats in our boatyard.
Fifth Wheel Converted Log and Trailer – Transporting boats around our facility (capable of carrying up to 100 tons).
Forklift – Removing teak boards from the wood shed.
Marine Travelift – Flipping hulls, hauling boats out of the water, lifting the cabin onto the hull.
Metalworker Power Press – Used in our Heavy Metalworks shop for cutting, bending, forming, and joining metals.
Pro-Set Machine – Mixing resin for use throughout the build process.
Resaw Machine – Cutting teak for a salon bulkhead.
Scissor Lift – Used to replace scaffolding for work in hard to reach areas.
Snorkel Lift – Securing a buggy top to a tower.