Fall Fishing for Tarheel and Mama Seata

Tarheel (Bayliss 62′), Oregon Inlet, NC in 2023 (left) and 2010 (right).

The end of September seems to be a good time for the crew on Tarheel (Bayliss 62’). Late last month, the group released 21 sailfish and 1 blue marlin out of Oregon Inlet. Back in 2010 of the same week, the crew on the 44’ Scarborough Tarheel released 30 white marlin.

Mama Seata (Bayliss 64′), Magdalena Bay.

As much as we love to refit and upgrade our boats at Bayliss Boatyard, we really love watching them do what they were built to do!

The guys on Mama Seata (Bayliss 64′) had a few awesome days of fishing early this fall. They released 55 striped marlin out of Magdalena Bay one day, and 38 the next day. Way to start things off with a bang!